Retirement Planning

Retiring looks different to everyone, but after decades of experience, we know one thing. Retirement is not a set place in time, but an ongoing process of monitoring and reviewing. As your Fiduciary, we specialize in using academics and logical assumptions to build sound plans for retirement and investments. Some of the many topics we cover in retirement planning include:

  • Analyze & determine Pre-tax Contributions vs. After-tax Contributions
  • Creation & Implementation of Retirement Projections
  • Determine a Retirement Withdrawal Plan
  • Coordinate with Employer benefits plan Director/Administrator
  • Review Pension Selections and optimize withdrawal strategies
  • Social Security Analysis & Planning
  • Analyze & create Executive Compensation Award Strategies
  • Analyze & create Deferred Compensation Strategies
  • Analyze & determine Small Business Retirement Plan Selection
  • Analyze & determine Roth IRA Conversion Strategies
  • Review Health and Long Term Care Options
  • Solve for Longevity Risks

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