Investment Management

In our investment advisory work, we serve as a fiduciary. Your investment portfolio is part of the engine that powers the growth of your wealth over time. Your investment success is achieved through the implementation of rigorous, research-based portfolio management strategies designed around the unique needs of each client.

In this assessment process, some of the areas we evaluate together include:

Determine Risk Preference

Your investment portfolio should be a reflection of your financial needs and your comfort level with risk, which we will determine using a risk assessment. We will use this data to construct a portfolio designed to meet your financial goals while managing risk responsibly.

Construct a Portfolio

We construct globally diversified, tax-efficient portfolios consisting of low-cost exchange-traded funds, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds from well-established investment companies. Drawing on decades of research, we implement evidence-based strategies that have shown to be effective over time, but the past is not a guarantee of future performance. Though periods of short-term volatility are to be expected, our goal is to use these times as opportunities.

Align Portfolio to Goals

We will help you define and plan for your short, medium, and long-term goals. Once your risk profile and goals are integrated into your plan, simulations will be run to determine whether you’re on track and how increases or decreases in risk might affect your outcomes.

Rebalance Assets

Over time, market conditions may cause certain investments to become overweight or underweight relative to their intended allocations. We monitor these changes carefully and bring the portfolio back into balance any time a given investment deviates significantly from its target. This strategy, known as opportunistic rebalancing, allows us to take advantage of volatility by capturing gains on assets that have increased in value and reallocating them to assets with more favorable pricing.1

Monitor Market Pricing

In addition to monitoring and rebalancing each individual investment within the portfolios we manage, we keep a watchful eye on global market valuations. Using predetermined thresholds and well-established valuation measures, we reduce stock exposure incrementally when the market “overheats” and increase it when market pricing is more favorable for long-term returns. As with opportunistic rebalancing, this strategy is designed to reduce risk and portfolio volatility over time.

Adjust Allocation

We will schedule a regular review cycle to check in on your goals, objectives, and resources as they change over time. Updating the plan projections will help us to determine whether there is a need to adjust the portfolio allocation.

Sustainable Investing

We offer clients the ability to align their portfolios with their environmental values through our sustainable investment models. Guided by the latest research from environmental science, as well as an evidence-based investment thesis,  these portfolios are designed with future generations in mind.

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1Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss, but is intended to help you manage your goals and risk tolerance.