Estate Planning

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is setting up a framework for directing your affairs and assets after you have either become incapacitated or passed away. You are trying to ensure that:

  • Your wishes are honored (assets, healthcare decisions, legacy)
  • Your children/dependents are cared for by designated people
  • Your estate avoids the probate process to preserve privacy and minimize legal fees.
  • Estate taxes (if any) are minimized.

We offer compassionate, comprehensive guidance to help you know how to set up your estate and legacy for generations to come.

We can connect with you, your heirs, and your family attorney to ensure everything is coordinated.

Analysis and monitoring of your legacy plans, including:

  • Monitoring account beneficiaries
  • Assistance in transferring assets to your family trust
  • Guidance with the necessary and appropriate steps in the event of the passing of someone you love

Nikesh is a graduate of law school and has specialized in estate planning for over a decade. He works with many attorneys and CPAs to help build flexible estate plans.

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