Insurance and Risk Management

No matter how carefully you plan for the future, unexpected circumstances are often unavoidable. Fortunately, these challenges do not have to derail your carefully laid plans. A careful review of your insurance and benefits portfolio is the first step to ensuring that you and your family are protected and prepared to weather any storm.

With decades of knowledge and experience, we can provide a comprehensive assessment of your risks and help to mitigate them.

In this assessment process, some of the areas we evaluate together include:

Life Insurance Needs Analysis

Your life insurance portfolio should be a reflection of your family’s unique needs. Effective planning in this area begins with one essential question- How would your loved ones be financially impacted if you were to pass away earlier than expected? Our process begins with a careful analysis to answer this question. From there, we create a plan to ensure your family’s financial security, no matter what.

Protecting Your Income (Disability Insurance)

When it comes to becoming too sick or hurt to work, many people think, “It won’t happen to me.” We will help you assess the risks, review current coverages, and determine if there is need remaining.

Health Insurance Strategies

We offer health insurance and can help design the proper plan for your lifestyle and budget.

Estate Planning and Other Care Considerations

As you age, and in the course of your overall estate planning it likely will be important to plan for potential expenses associated with prolonged physical illnesses or disabilities that reduce your ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks. These types of situations may require additional support, such as ongoing care at your home or for extended periods away from home. Assessing the costs and feasibility of maintaining care at home as compared to care outside of the home also likely will be an important consideration for individuals and estate plans. As these costs can be significant and can become a prolonged family expense, planning should take place as early as possible to help prepare to address them. While some governmental assistance could be available through such programs as Medicaid, these types of programs typically offer more limited benefits and assistance. Consequently, planning for an extended period of care should be considered a key component of most estate plans.

Personal & Professional Liability

We will discuss liability risk from a personal and professional perspective. After reviewing any current policies, we can recommend a plan for coverage.

Benefits Review

Many employers offer a wide array of supplemental benefits as a part of their employees’ “total compensation” packages. Taking full advantage of these valuable benefits is an essential component of a well-rounded financial plan. We will conduct a comprehensive review of your employee benefits package to ensure your elections are properly aligned with your situation and goals.

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